Such A Word...!!!

This is my lovely Mom

Hello  people long time no see...,, i know im not so eager want to update this blog, but whenever i wrote on this Blog is want to share to people about something in my life... did you see my picture.. Im happy right..,, but in the happiness there is something pain in my life... besides on that smile i have so many trouble that i have through in this life.. People doesn't see what i have through on this life, people only can see the smile on my face, my achievement, and my happiness. My mom always said there is impossible to someone to get anything without success, but to get success you should have blessed to everyone especially your own parents. I'm hold that word until now. Besides, what i have through or what i have face is now wrote in my memories. People always said no trouble no experience, no experience no life.. isn't it? what i want to share on this post is life should go on whenever you get messed in your life, no thing impossible in life without some effort.. for the islam please remember who is your invention, who is your god? praise to god... InsyaAllah setiap doa-doa kamu akan didengar dan dimakbulkan.. Assalamualaikum :) Peace.....