Nuffnang's Youth Credit Card Contest

Card name, Life without limits.

Basically this design based on urban style design. It's a modern concept of design and It compatible to the teenagers since we know that teenagers today are very energetic, curious, trendy and up to date. 'Life without limits' showing that, there is no limits of learning, no limits of searching for new ideas of how to having an unlimited excitement for their life. It also shows, this card make their life way better. There is no limits of where they want to go, and they also can use this card for shopping without limits.

I'm using music instrument in my design as a symbolic of youth. This is because the whole world knows that teenagers are adapted their life with music more than other things and music also can make us unite with others either boys or girls. The color I have chose for the music instruments is a colorful colors. It represent the attitude and personality of the youth.

I'm also using a crowds of teenagers cheering up represent as they got an unlimited excitement when the using
this card.

I'm using the big city as a background to shows that the place that compatible to use this card and I'm using yellow color for the background is because that color represent joy. Since we as teenagers, we live our life with excitement so, that is the perfect color for me to use it as a background color.

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